Meet 25 years of healthcare experience. Meet Skylla.

Combining over 25 years of experience into one company. Skylla Europe started as a joint venture between the Arion Group and Maco Confection. We started in 2010 in the healthcare and medical textile products production and product development with intentionally renowned customers. This resulted in successful partnerships lasting for years and for years to come.

We have the technical knowledge and skills to (co.) develop and manufacture high quality products for a fair price. We pride ourselves in the Skylla approach, which is focused on adding value to customers products by offering development, production, logistics and global supply chain management. Skylla Group is ISO certified and has extensive knowledge concerning Medical Device Regulation (MDR).

  • HQ in the Netherlands 
  • Technical knowledge 
  • Well-trained employees 
  • Accredited work placement company
  • Product & Development 
  • Production
  • Packaging 
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Medical Device Regulation (MDR) 
  • ISO 9001 – Management system 
  • ISO 14001 – Environment 
  • ISO 45001 – Safety
  • SA 8000 – Social Accountability Certification (only Skylla Tunisia)
  • Production facilities in Tunisia and Macedonia 

Our team

CEO Skylla Europe

Saffier Brull
Chief Executive Officer/
+31(0)46 763 00 32

Hendrik Staels
Chairman/ Partner
+32 475 423 634

Wim Sevenants
Senior Technical Advisor/ Partner
+32 498 866 733

Abderrahmen Chtourou
COO Tunisia/ Partner

Tim Meertens
Sales Director
+31(0)6 4801 6548

Niels Boudeling
Chief Financial Officer
+31(0)6 1065 2341

Ramona Rouschop
Finance Manager
+31(0)46 763 00 33

Riccardo Winants
Finance Employee
+31(0)46 763 00 38

Tobias Berteele
Manager Product Development
+31(0)6 2852 9409

Kayra Bollen
Product Development Employee
+31(0)46 763 00 37

Marc Mendoza
Product Development Employee
+31(0)46 763 00 42

Patrick Knoben
Administrative Project Employee Product Development

Roger Hustin
Manager Supply Chain & Logistics
+31(0)6 3833 0567

Danny Hellemons
Supply Chain Planner
+31(0)46 763 00 39

Floris Engels
Supply Chain Logistics Employee
+31(0)46 763 00 39

Tristan Brull
Logistic Employee
+31(0)46 763 00 40

Yvonne van Neer
Logistic Employee
+31(0)46 763 00 40

Shanzam Javaid
Logistic Employee
+31(0)46 763 00 40

Marscha Bos
QHSE-Officer/ Management Assistant
+31(0)46 763 00 32

Anja Moerskofski
QHSE Employee
+31(0)46 763 00 36

Our history Our history Our history Our history Our history Our history


It was a very quick and successful start-up. Saffier Brull and Hendrik Staels met for the first time in July 2009. The decision to work together was created within weeks. A visit to Tunisia followed, and production started up October 1st, 2009, in Monastir Tunisia. The initial period the production was entirely dedicated to the Arion assortment. But at the end of the year, we welcomed the first external clients in our production environment.


After a rapid growth between 2011 and 2013 an office in the Netherlands was essential to service our partners in the European markets. Skylla Europe BV was founded as the mother company. Central functions as Finance, Supply Chain and Logistics were transferred to Geleen at Skylla Europe BV. A few months later a R&D division was added to the existing services in Geleen.   


Hiring employee no. 100 was a significant milestone for the Skylla Group. The Skylla staff we consider as our major capital, so this was a milestone we reached with pride. English became the official group language, which was a big challenge during the year, where everybody across functions participated in a massive language training set-up. The action was very successful and today most staff members speak English on a high level. 


Skylla became more and more a strategic partner for most of our clients. To minimize risk, we strategically decided to start up a second production facility in another country than Tunisia. We wanted to stay in Europe, since quality and just in time deliveries are successful key factors to Skylla. We made a shortlist of 5 countries, Macedonia (at that time, now North Macedonia) came out as our top priority. So, we decided to start our own Macedonian factory, with a local management reporting to the headquarters in Geleen.


Skylla partnered up with some large European Medical device companies and we rapidly grew from 100 to 200 employees. This growth was mainly created in our production locations in Tunisia and North Macedonia. But also, the headquarters in the Netherlands was growing, and moved to new and modern offices and a larger warehouse in Geleen.


In 2019 it became clear for the initial investors that the Skylla Group was developed and ready for the next level. The group was strong enough to “fly” on its own and Hendrik Staels and Saffier Brull organized a management buyout and became the owners of the company.


Thermo formed plastics and upholstery became more and more important part of our product range. So, the decision was made to acquire the Tunisian company Packed Plastics and integrate the company into the Skylla group. The division thermoforming and upholstery moved to a new and modern production facility in the Sousse area.