Quality Statement

Skylla Europe BV is a full-service manufacturer active in healthcare and medical products in Europe. Skylla’s activities in these markets are co-development, sourcing, production, packaging, and logistics. Skylla offers her customers total solutions. Key values of Skylla are:

  • State of the Art
  • Knowledge
  • Innovation
  • Lean
  • Leading
  • Service

Important stakeholders for Skylla are, next to its customers, personnel, suppliers and financial institutions, local and regional communities. Skylla offers its personnel good employee ship, safe and challenging job, joy, and personal development opportunities.

Skylla Europe BV prides itself in the Skylla approach, which is focused on adding value to its customer’s products by offering in the development, production, logistics and overall supply chain management. The clients of Skylla take a central role and will be aided in all aspects by Skylla’s knowledge on technical textile, production techniques, extensive knowledge on the healthcare industry and a professional approach on a supply chain level.

For that purpose, Skylla Europe BV, Skylla Tunisia, and Skylla Macedonia have established an effective quality management system (ISO 9001 for all locations and production site extended with ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. For Skylla Tunisia elaborated with SA8000).

The wishes and expectations of the customers and relevant stakeholders and the continuous improvement of the internal organization take a central role in the quality management system.

We also constantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the implemented quality system through a process of monitoring, internal/ external audits, management reviews and customer reviews.

Optimization requires strong cooperation between the employees within the various locations, but also between the locations themselves. Sharing knowledge on quality and experiences ensures that together we can coordinate our processes, thereby increasing the quality experience of our customers and stakeholders. Skylla contributes to local/regional communities by creating employment possibilities and personal development amongst others.

2023 June

S.A.H. Brull
CEO/ Co-owner