At Skylla we understand that our business operations have a significant impact on the environment and society. Skylla intends to continuously improve the sustainability performance by efforts that effect human, environment and community in a positively manner. Within this environmental policy, also stakeholders (e.g. customers, suppliers and staff) are encouraged to proactively ensure their corporate social responsibility.

As an OEM manufacturer with three production facilities, Skylla has the duty to contribute to climate protection. In order to comply with this ambition, we have implemented several ISO management systems. These ISO management systems are embedded into the company’s core processes.

We have implemented various initiatives to minimize our use of natural resources, reduce waste and emissions, and promote sustainable practices throughout our supply chain and production processes. Some of our key initiatives include:
– Waste reduction programs;
– Encouragement of external partners to divide and collect scrap materials to be recycled when possible;
– Re-use bulk packaging materials and make use of groupage transportation to minimize our carbon footprint;
– Skylla only wishes to use air transport incidentally for the benefit of the environment;
– Furthermore, Skylla’s company cars are full electric in order to reduce emissions;
– All location’s (Geleen, Macedonia and Tunisia) are provided with LED-lightning systems;
– At our production facility in Macedonia we managed to introduce and implement electric heating. 

Our responsibility is not only to ensure safe products for the end user, but also to provide a safe working environment for employees. A working environment that enables employees to develop themselves, to be happy and where equality and inclusiveness are important aspects of our corporate governance.

In practice
– Offering a safe and clean work environment with the latest technology, machines and communication tools;
– Vitality programs;
– Participating in local school programs;
– Training and education programs; production technology and communication (English language);
– Encourage employees to participate in “best practice” and continuous improvement programs and offer rewards to employees.

What are our achievements?
– ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
– ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety
– ISO 9001 Quality Management System
– SA 8000 Social Accountability International Certificate
– Number 1 place: National Tunisian Best Employer 2022 Price
– Number 3 place: National Health and Safety North-Macedonia